What's Commercial plywood?

In many country, when plywood shopkeepers, carpenters and inside designers speak about commercial plywood what they often mean to say is MR grade plywood.

Commercial Plywood

There are different grades of plywood primarily based on high quality and characteristics, akin to MR grade, BWR grade, Marine plywood and many others. The acronym MR stands for Moisture Resistant, while BWR means Boiling Water Resistant. While some people do club BWR grade plywood into the industrial type, for most individuals within the plywood business the time period 'Industrial' means MR grade, whereas 'Waterproof' means BWR grade.

The necessary features of MR grade Commercial plywood are listed under. It is an Inside grade plywood, which means its for indoor use. It's not waterproof. Though the phrase 'Moisture Resistant' (MR) can confuse many individuals into thinking that its waterproof, that isn't the case. Being 'moisture resistant' is not the same as being 'water resistant'. Whereas it is true that moisture resistant plywood can withstand some quantity of moisture and humidity, it can't be stated to be waterproof. On the other hand, the exterior BWR grade plywood is waterproof.

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