Important properties of film faced plywood

Here I will introduce some properties of film faced plywood.

1. Durable: The concrete casting process involves alternate wet and dry conditions. The plywood has to be durable to withstand these changes.

2. Very strong: Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand and crushed stone together with water. While the concrete cures and becomes hard it exerts force on the shuttering plywood mould. So the plywood has to be strong to withstand these forces.

3. Reusable: Using Phenolic film faced concrete shuttering plywood is advantgeous because after the concrete casting process is completed, the plywood shutters can be dismantled and then these sheets can be reused again elsewhere. However for this to happen, the plywood sheets need to be carefully handled both while erecting the form work, and while dismantling, so that they remains good enough for reuse.

4. Shiny, glossy surface: The phenolic film lends the plywood with a very smooth glossy surface. This is a very useful characteristic in the case of concrete shuttering work, because the concrete does not stick to the plywood because of this smooth laminated film surface. The smooth film surface also gives the resulting concrete a smoother finish compared to other methods, and very often additional plastering of such concrete is not required since it is already quite smooth.

Here it needs to be noted that not all concrete shuttering plywoods are film-faced. They also come in other varieties such as plain or oil-coated. However the phenolic film-faced ones are the best of the lot.

5. Dimensionally stable: Since it is used in making the shutters used for concrete casting, it's dimensions have to be stable even under the excess heat conditions that get generated while the concrete cures.

6. Costly: Phenolic plywood is a costly material just like Marine grade plywood, since it is made to meet higher quality standards, compared to furniture-grade plywood.

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