How to waterproof your OSB?

OSB is often waterproofed before being sold in stores. However, if you're planning on using this wood for an exterior project, you will need to add additional moisture protection.


Step 1 - Make Sure Your OSB Is Waterproofed

We can supply high quality waterproof OSB board for you.

Step 2 - Plan and Cut Your Pieces

Every time you make a cut, any sealer at the edges will disappear and open up a new place where moisture and water can be absorbed. Therefore, you will need to make sure your OSB is cut into the pieces you will need before you add your waterproofing so these edges can be protected.

Step 3 - Paint if Desired

You can also stain OSB for a more natural look. Choose a water-resistant type to get an added layer of protection similar to paint.

Step 4 - Apply Waterproofing

Be sure that what you choose is made for use on wood.

OSB is more water resistant than plywood by some and not so by others.Buy our high quality waterproof OSB board and after following these steps, you will never risk moisture ruining your work down the road.

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